Make Love To Me

Sex. It was never a topic discussed in our household growing up as a child.  In fact, it was a muted subject. I was introduced to the tender topic at the age of 10 in sex education. Our class watched a video of child birth and each student was given a banana and condom.  I couldn’t quite get the condom on the banana so in my frustration I ate the banana instead and watched as my classmates blew up the condoms, filled them with water and laughed uncontrollably at the video.

I recall having a sleepover at my cousin’s house around age 11 and hearing boisterous noises from the room of her parent’s.  “They’re having sex.”  Oh, okay.  Blatantly unaware of what ‘sex’ entailed.

I find my naive state of mind regarding sex at that age to be quite hilarious.  Seriously, a banana is nothing like a penis.  I still don’t know what to do with a condom and I would much rather eat a banana (kidding!).

My first encounter was somewhat disappointing.  Laying motionless, not knowing what to do and not feeling any sense of elation.  My mother always encouraged me to wait for the right man.  I never quite understood until I personally discovered and appreciated the difference of making love and having sex.

He looks at me, into my eyes and the tip of his finger lingers to the small of back.  His hands, tender and loving, pull me into his warmth and I yearn for more.  The way he moves, so in sync with the beat of my heart makes me feel beautiful and so desired.  I want nothing more but to be lost in his embrace.  I look into his eyes and he smiles because he is lost in my hunger for his body and love.  I smile because no other could ever make me feel this way and I am so grateful to call him mine.

Once you find this do not ever let go.

Love & Laughter,
Curly Miri


Thursday Treats

I celebrated my birthday this week with a family dinner at home.  Made me think of a past birthday where I was in Sataoa, riding on a canoe through the mangroves.  It is in these moments of reflection that I realize the importance of time, love and being happy.  You can never turn back time or embrace your youth again.

Have I used time to the best of my ability?  I believe I have given my all to be a supportive, loyal and loving partner to Mister, a caring daughter, sister and aunt.  I have confirmed my placement for University next year, with only four papers to complete it is a realistic goal to achieve.  I’ve started writing a Novel which highlights the life of a young woman and her experiences of sexual abuse.  I will see where this Novel takes me, as my passion to write correlates with my sense of being.

Love.  Read through my blog and it is blatantly obvious how much I am in love with Mister.  This blog has enabled me to be honest without reserve and that will not ever change.  Will Mister and I ever get married?  That is what I think every time a birthday passes by.

Let’s take into consideration three significant factors of life; time, love and being happy.  If life is short, love is rare and being happy is paramount, then why do we wait to live the life we want?

Best thing about my birthday?  My family.  My mister.


Beautiful orchids from Mister and scrumptious b’day cake made by my sister. It was a surprise and once she told me it was an ice cream cake I was over the moon. I’ve always wanted one as it reminds me of The Babysitter’s Club movie I watched repeatedly as a kid, ha!


My sister Leah celebrated her 21st Birthday at Wild Fire, loved the food especially dessert.


Wild Fire staff singing “Happy Birthday” in Portuguese.


Family photo. Spot my curls and cute nephew in the corner.


Elijah had a sleepover so thought I would get him to help with the chores.  You know, start ’em young!


Then he quit on me! lol

Then he quit on me! lol


Coffee date with Mister at Fresh Gallery Otara.
Otara is a low socio-economic area that has made news headlines in New Zealand regarding high rates of crime.  What the news does not reveal is the beautiful culture and talent found in this town.  Every Saturday morning a Flea Market brings together a range of stalls selling cultural crafts, delicious food and a showcase of various singing and dancing talent.

Mister I stopped by the the Fresh Gallery Otara to check out the art on display and we were surprised with the great cafe, selling food and coffee at half the price of what we usually pay at our local cafe.

Mocha time!

Mister had the big breakfast, 2 poached eggs, 2 sausages, bacon and toast. $12. Cafe’s in Auckland usually charge up to $22.50 for this. I had a chicken and camembert panini for $5.90. The usual price in cafes is $9.50 and this came with salad and chutney.


This interesting page made me laugh.  Almost there!

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Love & Laughter,
Curly Miri