Top Treats Of 2013

It is Christmas Eve in the Southern Hemisphere.  I have just watched this clip.  The beauty of this woman’s love for her husband amazes me and made me think of love in my life.

Thursday Treats began as a way to document things that made me smile.  When I look back at my posts I see more than that, it is a collection of all that I am grateful for.

Top Treats Of 2013

1.  Mister.  The love and laughter, that is more than enough for me.

Mister & I

2.  Elijah.  From birth he has made my heart smile, easing the hurt of my struggle with infertility and desire of wanting a child of my own.  The closest to being a mother is to be an aunt.



3.  Family.

Ants & I








4.  Receiving this gorgeous painting from an inspiring reader of my blog.

Heart of the Hurricane by Nancy Wolfe Kimberly

Heart of the Hurricane by Nancy Wolfe Kimberly

5.  Japan.  The most beautiful place I have ever had the privilege to visit.


Japan has beautiful scenery and the cherry blossoms were a great sight. However, this photo is my favourite of our trip. Mister and I amongst the crowd, relaxed and happy in Sannomiya.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I wish you all a happy holiday season, filled with much love & laughter,

Curly Miri