Make Love To Me

Sex. It was never a topic discussed in our household growing up as a child.  In fact, it was a muted subject. I was introduced to the tender topic at the age of 10 in sex education. Our class watched a video of child birth and each student was given a banana and condom.  I couldn’t quite get the condom on the banana so in my frustration I ate the banana instead and watched as my classmates blew up the condoms, filled them with water and laughed uncontrollably at the video.

I recall having a sleepover at my cousin’s house around age 11 and hearing boisterous noises from the room of her parent’s.  “They’re having sex.”  Oh, okay.  Blatantly unaware of what ‘sex’ entailed.

I find my naive state of mind regarding sex at that age to be quite hilarious.  Seriously, a banana is nothing like a penis.  I still don’t know what to do with a condom and I would much rather eat a banana (kidding!).

My first encounter was somewhat disappointing.  Laying motionless, not knowing what to do and not feeling any sense of elation.  My mother always encouraged me to wait for the right man.  I never quite understood until I personally discovered and appreciated the difference of making love and having sex.

He looks at me, into my eyes and the tip of his finger lingers to the small of back.  His hands, tender and loving, pull me into his warmth and I yearn for more.  The way he moves, so in sync with the beat of my heart makes me feel beautiful and so desired.  I want nothing more but to be lost in his embrace.  I look into his eyes and he smiles because he is lost in my hunger for his body and love.  I smile because no other could ever make me feel this way and I am so grateful to call him mine.

Once you find this do not ever let go.

Love & Laughter,
Curly Miri


24 thoughts on “Make Love To Me

  1. This was a wonderful read. It is more relevant to me in my life right now than you can even comprehend. As a freshman girl in college, I have been grappling with a great variety and degree of different sexual experiences and impressions. I’m not really sure what’s right for me yet. I’m sorta carving my own path.
    But when you made the distinction just now between simply having sex and “making love” I had to pause for a second. The awareness that I’m trending much more towards the former when I desire the latter struck me in that moment. It’s also not something that I think is possible for me to achieve right now, but your post made me realize that I want that experience! And I’ll strive to get it. It will just take time.
    Then again, it’s not something to be seen as a conquest. It should be natural.
    So for now, I’ll settle on the former.

    • You’re beautiful. When I first started college I was the only person in my group of friends that was a virgin. I felt so much pressure to have sex just so that I could feel more involved and included. I guess that is why the first few sexual encounters I had were disappointing. My path changed. I discovered my sense of worth. I knew that eventually I would find the person who would make make love to me. Prior to that, I always felt the other sexual partner was selfish. I respect that you are “carving your own path”. You know what is right for you. You know the urges and desires of your own being. Do not worry, you will experience what it is to make love and you will never want anything less! Love and laughter coming your way.

  2. It’s funny. My mom never did give me the speech about “wait for the right guy,” so I didn’t. My first encounter, as it turns out, I didn’t bleed. I figure he probably had doubts about my virginity, but I remember him saying, “It was like amateur night at the Apollo.” I was like, “Huh?” He said, “No voice.” I was DEAD SILENT, afraid to breathe I think. That being my first time I did give my son a piece of advice in his teens. I told him I don’t expect him to stay a virgin until he gets married, but at least make sure it’s a girl whose name you’ll remember and you can look back on the experience in a truly pleasant way. He and the girl didn’t last too long, but at least it’s someone he had real feelings for at the time, which is all I wanted for him. Making love is WAY better than having sex any day of the week.

    • “Amateur night at the Apollo.” Interesting point. I can relate. My first time was not orgasm-fuelled causing me to scream at the top of my lungs or anything like that, lol 🙂 I love the advice you have given your son. You’re a great mom. Lots of love and laughter coming your way.

  3. I really like this. I get so sick of the shock and disbelief and judgement when friends find out I am 22 (so old, right….or not) and still a virgin. They can’t understand why I would want to wait until I am in love and in a committed relationship. The ones that understand are always the people you would guess are the ones making love instead of having sex. They get it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is so beautiful! Finding someone that’s in sync with your heartbeat is an amazing feeling. It truly changes the meaning of sex. Love this post and I’m really enjoying your blog! 🙂

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