Thursday Treats

1.  Coffee Date with Mister.  Mocha with a banana berry muffin.

2.  The mustard cardigan I’m wearing on my coffee date with Mister reminds me of these beautiful autumn leaves I captured today.


 Thrift purchase:  Floral Blazer-Made In New Zealand by Betty R Designs.
As soon as I saw the floral pattern I had to buy it, and at $10-a great buy!  It reminds me of this ASOS Premium Quilted Jacket.

4.  This week was full of tasty treats.

Salmon Eggs Benedict: I always ask for a hash brown on the side, an odd combination but one of my favourites on the breakfast menu at Hollywood Cafe.

Mister surprised me with these devine chocolates as seen in this post.

A melting moment devoured in less than four minutes, so yummy!  A treat from The Coffee Club.

Mister and I checked out Hong Kong Bakery.  Our relatives have  raved about their delicacies so we had to try it ourselves.  I picked the coconut scroll and apple raisin danish-oh my goodnes, melt in your mouth deliciousness!


 My sister shared this photo of herself sliding down the stairs on her mattress.  This made me laugh and reminded me of a childhood memory; everytime my brother and I went to McDonald’s we used the plastic trays on the playground slide, fun times!

Love & laughter,
Curly Miri


Curly Sock Bun

I’ve seen a lot of girls with straight hair rock the Sock Bun and always wondered if it would work with my curly hair.

A tutorial for the curious by MrKate

I didn’t realize how easy it was to complete the hairdo using only two hair ties, a sock and a few bobby pins.  After about a minute my Sock Bun was complete and left me feeling quite elegant.  An updo that I would wear out to dinner.

So yes, works great with curly hair!

Love & laughter,
Curly Miri

Thursday Treats

Every Thursday, I will share 5 of my favourite Treats (pleasures as such) of the week.

I love breakfast!  Mister and I are regulars at Lucky Cafe, superb menu and delectable delicacies.  We chatted about the odd fog that swept through Auckland last night.  Living in Auckland, you become accustomed to the erratic weather; seriously we get four seasons in one day.  It’s currently cloudy out but an hour ago the sun was on full blast, and as I finish writing this sentence, raindrops are falling…


My favourite on the breakfast menu is Salmon Eggs Benedict, however today was a bit chilly so thought I’d try the Brioche French Toast accompanied with maple syrup, bacon and sautéed banana.  Devine! (Mister had Chicken Risotto)


High Tea.  I am obsessed.  I have accumulated a floral selection of fine bone china.  I have found individual pieces online, at op shops (thrift stores), and at Stevens (dangerous spending territory).  Of course, I had to put the china to good use with my favourite ladies.  We enjoyed eating an assortment of delicious homemade goodies.


Clothing.  I came across these eggplant coloured Chuck Taylor’s online and thought to myself, why not?  Received in the post this week-super comfy.

Sparkly Sweater.  Walked past Temt and this sweater was in the store window, how could I resist?  The peach tone with sparkles just makes me all fuzzy wuzzy inside.


 Lovely Thai dinner for my sister’s birthday over the weekend. Curly Miri-second from the left.

My sisters & Me

Me & Sister


A Sensei flew in this morning from Japan and personally delivered Mister’s Obi-he is now an official Sensei. Over eight years of hard work has paid off, such a treat for him and a pleasure for me to see to my love happy.

Love & laughter,
Curly Miri