I yearn for clarity.  I long to feel at ease with my mind.  This month, if i was still carrying I would be giving birth to my child.  Instead, I’ve had three miscarriages and it is a daily struggle to overcome the sadness.  So, I write.  Hoping that within this writing process I will find clarity.  I know I am not alone in these thoughts and that is somewhat comforting.

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Here are a few of my latest pieces:


This piece is for my Mister, he makes me yearn for more of life’s beauty.


You are not ever responsible for the ignorance of others.

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I’m sure many of us have been down this road.  Is it worth it?

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Love & laughter,
Curly Miri.


Thank you!

curlymirimocha In 2012, I started writing online via WordPress after my Mister snapped this photo of me on our coffee date. Curly Miri became an outlet for me to write and overcome my battle with depression.  A lot of my writing is derived from experiences in my first romantic relationship with a man from the age of 16. I left New Zealand to live with him in Washington, fast forward I’m now happy to be back in NZ.

I have now extended my writing to Instagram.   I love meeting new people, and I cherish the relationships with amazing souls I have met in the writing world. As an example, I wrote a blog post about moving into a new home and a reader sent me a painting for our home all the way from New Orleans!  You can find the beautiful work of Nancy Wolfe Kimberly (Gator Girl Art) here.

At times, I fear that allowing you to roam in the realm of my thoughts is a vulnerable gesture on my part. However, it is the genuine connections that you establish with my words I am most grateful for. Thank you for supporting my writing journey. Much love to you all.

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Love & laughter, Curly Miri (Miriama C.T.)


Hi beautiful people.

It has been a lovely week, I celebrated my birthday yesterday with my love with the realisation that life’s simple pleasures nourish the soul.

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Latest pieces:


This piece is derived from the experience of first love.  I wrote this to encompass the notion of disappointment, disgust and betrayal.  Love does that sometimes.

Be kind

Often we take for granted the words we speak, unaware of the harshness or negative influence it may have on another person.  I wrote this after being upset with the burning words of a person who I love.  Always speak kindly.


I wrote this for my sister on her birthday.  Leah turned 22 and is currently living in Australia.


When my mind is clouded and I can’t help but dwell upon pain from the past, a simple kiss or touch from my love can wash it all away.


No explanation needed.

Miriama C.T © 2014

Love & laughter,
Curly Miri
Miriama C.T.

Thursday Treats

Heart of the Hurricane by Nancy Wolfe Kimberly

Heart of the Hurricane by Nancy Wolfe Kimberly

Nancy Wolfe Kimberly, a brilliant artist and reader of my blog from New Orleans, Louisiana sent me this stunning piece as a housewarming gift.  It made me appreciate the connection between bloggers/writers and readers.  I hope one day to visit your shores and give you a big hug.  The Heart of the Hurricane is on our living room wall. Mister and I love this piece and we’ve received so many compliments.  Thank you, Nancy. You’re beautiful!

Be sure to check out Gator Girl Art.  Nancy has a wonderful range of art via Facebook and Etsy.  Her art will add a touch of color and beauty to your home.

Beautiful piece by Nancy Wolfe Kimberly has found a special place in our home.

A recent addition to our living room.  Our "Samoan Corner" features a Fue and To'oto'o, used by talking chiefs.  The Kava Bowl is used in Samoan ceremonies accompanied by three carved Naifi (knives/axes).

Our “Samoan Corner” features a Fue and To’oto’o, used by talking chiefs. The Kava Bowl is used in Samoan ceremonies and above this is three carved Naifi (knives/axes).

Mister and I enjoyed a vacation in Samoa.  We were happy to see family and enjoy mango season (my favorite fruit).  Samoa is a special place for us as we are both of Samoan descent and it is the place we first met as mentioned in this post.

Mister and I at 'Aga Reef Resort.  Breathtaking backdrop of Lalomanu's mountainside.

Mister and I at ‘Aga Reef Resort. Breathtaking backdrop of Lalomanu’s mountainside.

We spent a day deep in the forest of Utualii preparing food using a traditional cooking method known as an Umu, an earth oven.  This practice is commonly used in Polynesia.  Mister was happy going back to his roots and we enjoyed the company of his siblings with a few bottles of Vailima.


Size 2 Pig, Taro and Ka’amu. Samoan treats usually eaten on special occasions or for Sunday lunch.

Breakfast & Coffee date with Mister at one of our favorite places, The Cozy Cafeteria.  Mister had the Big Breakfast and I had the Salmon Bagel with Avocado.



I have recently discovered, Rekordelig.  A gorgeous cider made in Sweden.  So delicious with lots of fruit.

Rekordelig delights by the pool.

Rekordelig delights by the pool.

I stumbled across Trent Shelton and I love his frame of mind.


Check out the Thursday Treats category for more treats.

Love & Laughter,
Curly Miri