How I Met Mister

Our First Dinner Date at Da Sette Soldi (with my hair straightened)

Mister makes me laugh.  That’s where the attraction began when I first met him in March of 2010.  We were both on holiday in Samoa.  He was visiting family.  I was on a much needed getaway.  On my last night in Samoa before heading to the airport for my 11pm flight, I decided to go out to dinner with my aunt at a hotel in town as they had a live band playing.  I wanted to enjoy the sweet sound of Samoan music before heading back to New Zealand.

My aunt invited a few of her friends, we enjoyed dinner and ordered drinks.  As I sipped away at my Pina Colada; enter Mister. Mister and his acquaintance approached our table to say hi to my aunt who works with his brother. My first thought-such a handsome man.  My aunt asked him and his friend to join our table, he sat across from me and we started talking and laughing.  Within only a few minutes of meeting he managed to fill my heart with a refounding sense of joy.

We ignored everyone else at our table as we engaged in meaningful conversation.  We talked about our dreams, and our varying perspectives of culture.  He moved from sitting across the table, to right next to me and told me I was gorgeous.  Four hours of  conversation came to an abrupt end as I told him I had to leave to catch my flight back to Auckland.  I was grateful that we both lived in the same town and we’d be seeing each other again.  He offered to take me to the airport but I already had a taxi waiting.  I gave him my number.  He gave me his number, address, and e-mail address-this made me laugh and to this day I still have the piece of paper with his details.

We always discuss our chance meeting.  If we had not gone to the hotel that night we would have never met.  Although we reside in the same town we doubt we would have met otherwise, as we have different interests, career paths and different social backgrounds and we frequent very dissimilar places in Auckland.  When I ask Mister to tell me the story of how we met he always starts by saying, “You looked beautiful, wearing a red flower in your hair and a blue strapless dress.”  I remember his smile as I left for the airport that night.

Mister flew back to NZ a week later and asked me out to coffee.   We still visit the same cafe for our coffee dates.  I am so blessed to be loved by such a kind and beautiful man.  We’ve been living together for over two years, every day learning from each other, and building our life together with love.
And yes, he still makes me laugh.

Love & laughter,
Curly Miri