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curlymirimocha In 2012, I started writing online via WordPress after my Mister snapped this photo of me on our coffee date. Curly Miri became an outlet for me to write and overcome my battle with depression.  A lot of my writing is derived from experiences in my first romantic relationship with a man from the age of 16. I left New Zealand to live with him in Washington, fast forward I’m now happy to be back in NZ.

I have now extended my writing to Instagram.   I love meeting new people, and I cherish the relationships with amazing souls I have met in the writing world. As an example, I wrote a blog post about moving into a new home and a reader sent me a painting for our home all the way from New Orleans!  You can find the beautiful work of Nancy Wolfe Kimberly (Gator Girl Art) here.

At times, I fear that allowing you to roam in the realm of my thoughts is a vulnerable gesture on my part. However, it is the genuine connections that you establish with my words I am most grateful for. Thank you for supporting my writing journey. Much love to you all.

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Love & laughter, Curly Miri (Miriama C.T.)


Carry You

I want to hold you so much and experience life with you. Why is this happening again? Your dad took this photo of us in Samoa, our home. You made us so happy. I already picked out your name. I should be preparing for your arrival but now you are gone. My heart aches as I miss you and I lose you all over again. Please come back, baby. Let me hold you. Let me see you.  Let me carry you.  Love, Mom.


Thursday Treats

Mister and I have moved into our new home.  Working on our home’s interior design and décor has been absolute bliss.  We’re loving the space as we were previously in a 1 bedroom apartment so we’re grateful and happy to be in our 4 bedroom Villa.

It has been quite the journey.  I met Mister only three hours before boarding a plane and when I think back on our personal and professional experiences I am in awe.  Within four years we have built a business together, helped the youth of our community, and we’ve maintained a strong and loving relationship.

It has not been easy and honestly I have had doubts, but I always trusted that there was a bigger plan and I have not ever doubted his love.  Over four years ago I was at a crossroads.  Meeting Mister has changed my life for the better.  I no longer hurt from the past nor do I dwell upon the people who hurt me.  Personally, I do not think time is a healer of hurt rather the relationships and environment I have immersed myself into has enabled me to progress with a healthier mind set.  I have not settled for less than I deserve.  In essence, I had not imagined that I would be where I am today without knowing what it is to be loved by Mister and my family.  My heart is grateful for what we have done together.

My favourite corner of our bedroom. Rattan chair, inspirational cushion, sunlight, the breeze and a great selection of books.


Favourite wall of our home.


My handsome nephew who is the inspiration for my first Children’s Book celebrated his 1st Birthday recently.  He is quite the character, extremely cheeky, quick-witted and funny.

Beautiful nephew, Elijah.

Elijah’s birthday celebration.


It is Spring in the Southern Hemisphere.  These gorgeous Orchids are from Tomuri & Co. Floral Design.
3 for $10!  Looking lovely in our living room.



I am an Op Shop/Thrift Store lover.  I have found beautiful vintage, retro and antique pieces.  This spinning wheel was purchased for $35 and is a great addition to our living room space.



I do not dream often but when I do I wake up convinced that whatever occurred in my dream must have happened or is of somewhat relevant to what is happening in my life right now.  I was in Samoa working in the rice field as a slave in the early 1900’s.  Mister and I had been separated as the boat we travelled on capsized.  In the blistering heat, frustrated, tired and with no absolute hope I continued to work for years in the rice field not knowing what had become of Mister.  One day, Mister turns up to the rice field with a suit and tie to check on the workers.  I recognise him instantly and think there is no way he would recognise me in my disheveled state.  He looks at me as I stare blatantly in awe of his presence.  He walks towards me, looks into my eyes and embraces me as tears stream down his face.  Mister, the owner of the rice field.

Yeah, what is up with that Mister? lol 🙂

Love & Laughter,
Curly Miri

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Thursday Treats

Curly Miri, Livi, Kat & Marissa


Mission Bay, a must ‘go to’ in Auckland to dine or take a stroll along the beach on a sunny day.  My cousins and I checked out Lunna Rossa and devoured the delectable pizza.


Delightful & delicious treats of the week

I popped into Look Sharp and found these glass bottles, a $3 buy! I visited the local florist for a few stems of pretty white flowers. Glass bottle for a vase? Indeed!

Lovely dinner made by Mister, the best cook ever. Hoki fillet, steamed broccoli, and potato salad with a glass of Jacob’s Creek Riesling.

Coffee date with Mister at Hollywood Cafe.  Mocha’s with Apple Bran & Chocolate Chip muffins.  I’m always telling him to smile!  My handsome.

Mister snapping a pic of my ‘Mocha’ face

Mister enjoying his Samosa. His facial expressions always make me laugh.


As mentioned in this post I am going to be an aunt for the first time and my nephew is due next week!  The Baby Shower was fantastic.  Great food, fun games and baby was gifted with so many lovely treats.

This is the beautiful Becca standing next to the baby shelf gift made by Mister and I, filled with baby books, clothing, soft toys and various baby essentials. I had so much fun collecting all the lovely bits and pieces. Can’t wait to meet my nephew!

Baby Shower Gifts

Yummy Baby Shower treats.


I lost my laptop earlier this week.  I was upset as I had left my memory card and other valuables in my laptop bag.  Silly of me though, I left the laptop bag on the rooftop of the car while looking for my keys in my handbag, hopped into the car and drove away and did not realize what I had done until I reached my destination.  So many scenarios ran rampant through my mind.  Will it be in one piece if picked up by a stranger?  Will the stranger hand the laptop into the police?  I should have insured the laptop!  Why did I decide to rummage for my car keys in the dark and eat a Whittaker’s chocolate bar and not remove my laptop bag from the rooftop? Here is my status on FB regarding the lost laptop:

As you can see, my friends and family do not make fun of me at all (yeah right!).  Mister and I had a talk about material possessions and we came to the conclusion that some items offer a sense of comfort or normalcy to a person, however to strive for a happy life on the foundation of material objects is not a fulfilling concept of living.  Often we forget to stop and count our blessings or appreciate the people in our lives.  Take a moment to dwell within the love and beauty that surrounds you.  I had to agree when Mister said, “Miriama, it is just a laptop.” So I had to slap myself silly.

Now for the treat.  Mister bought me a new laptop.  Thank you my love.


I received a txt last week as follows: “”  My brother gifted me my very own domain name, definitely surprised me and made me smile.  Thank you!  Brother also advised I hop on the Twitter bandwagon, so if you’re on there connect with me @curlymiri
I would love to stay connected with you.

Here we are back in the innocent days of pink frilly dresses and toy cars.


Check out the Thursday Treats category for more treats.

Love & laughter,
Curly Miri

To Be Loved

Five years of age.  You watched me from the balcony as I played in the backyard picking daisies and chasing butterflies.  You gazed at me lovingly with a beaming smile upon your face.  Your elegant features, serene and striking, and your greying hair tied up in a bun.  Your sun kissed chocolate skin glowing in the afternoon sun.  I smiled back at you, feeling so free as your presence filled me with the most beautiful essence of joy.

As I ran happily through the grass, a bee stung my foot and I yelled out in pain.  You came to my rescue, lifting me into your loving home.  I cried in your warm embrace as you sang a sweet Samoan lullaby and rubbed ointment on my aching foot.

Eight years of age.  Your smile turned into an expression of defeat and sorrow as you battled illness.  As I read one of my favourite stories to you-Jack and The Beanstalk, I yearned for you to smile.  You only looked at me with tired and helpless eyes, unable to speak.  I touched your hands, no longer full of warmth but hard with an unfamiliar coldness.  Your face still the epitome of love.  As you slept I sang for you, your lullaby.  I miss you, grandma.

What am I most grateful for?  To be loved.

Curly Miri © 2012

My grandmother dancing the traditional Samoan siva with me.