Introducing ‘Bash’

For my birthday last month I was gifted this beautiful typewriter from my best friend.


I have fallen in love with the stroke of every key which has further ignited my passion to write.  I’ve named him, Bash.  A few of my latest pieces are to follow, however I post my writing daily on Instagram at

Starting back this week: ‘Thursday Treats’ and I’ll introduce a new category called ‘Stranger Saturday’, curious?  You’ll find out more on Saturday.

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Thank you!

curlymirimocha In 2012, I started writing online via WordPress after my Mister snapped this photo of me on our coffee date. Curly Miri became an outlet for me to write and overcome my battle with depression.  A lot of my writing is derived from experiences in my first romantic relationship with a man from the age of 16. I left New Zealand to live with him in Washington, fast forward I’m now happy to be back in NZ.

I have now extended my writing to Instagram.   I love meeting new people, and I cherish the relationships with amazing souls I have met in the writing world. As an example, I wrote a blog post about moving into a new home and a reader sent me a painting for our home all the way from New Orleans!  You can find the beautiful work of Nancy Wolfe Kimberly (Gator Girl Art) here.

At times, I fear that allowing you to roam in the realm of my thoughts is a vulnerable gesture on my part. However, it is the genuine connections that you establish with my words I am most grateful for. Thank you for supporting my writing journey. Much love to you all.

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Love & laughter, Curly Miri (Miriama C.T.)

Kila’s Style by Nora Swann

When I first met Nora Swann, I was taken aback by her timeless beauty.  Reminiscent of enduring icons that are photographed by the likes of Nina Leen, Steven Klein or David LaChapelle, Nora was dressed in a deep fuchsia dress, pink draped scarf and fluorescent heels.  Elegance and passion are at the core of Nora Swann’s fashion sense.

As a Personal Stylist of Kila’s Style, Nora has emerged into the fashion industry with the desire to bring out the individual’s personal best.  Nora’s distinctive sense of style was strongly identified in her Kila’s Style Fashion Show that I had the pleasure of attending last month in Manukau.

Swann’s line introduced pieces from Op Shops, creating a chic and unique look.  A retro vibe is evident in her use of bold and bright colours mixed with an eccentric shimmer and glow in pure tones of gold, blue and grey.

Kila’s Style Fashion Show

As a stylist, Nora knows how to accentuate the beauty of all body types and most importantly her ability to keep costs to a minimum makes her services attainable.  Kila’s Style debunks the notion that one needs to be a celebrity to have a Personal Stylist.  People can feel confident in achieving a personal and unique look through Kila’s Style’s services.  The runway revealed leather, although not an easy material to work with, Nora heightened the sleek look with pink hues.  Each outfit was paired with killer heels, the definitive accessory.  Men are also styled by Nora.  I was surprised by a male model who wore a yellow palette with white.  Indeed, yellow could be quite daring for men to consider, however Kila’s Style succeeded with ingenious layering and use of colour to produce a comfortable and stylish outfit.

Beautiful ladies styled by Kila’s Style in Op Shop clothing.

The show concluded with a reveal of Nora’s Pasifika inspired creation.  A white off the shoulder dress with pink lace lining.  I was impressed with Nora’s spin on the Ie Faitaga, a traditional dress of men in the Pacific.  Nora lined the Ie Faitaga with a gorgeous pattern and shortened the front which maintains the traditional sense of the clothing with a touch of modern design.

Pasifika Inspired Creation by Nora Swann

The integration of styling and designing her own pieces is a natural step for Nora.  In only eleven months of being in business she has conducted over 150 Colour Consultations, 20+ Makeovers, styling for a music video and 3 Fashion Shows.

A pastel pink and white gown was the show stealer for me.  The dress flowed in all the right places with a corset bodice and sweetheart neckline.  A beautiful piece that epitomises the elegance of Nora Swann and Kila’s Style.

My favourite of the Fashion Show


How did Kila’s Style evolve?

Last year in May I entered Cleo Magazine’s competition ‘Who wants to be a Fashion Stylist?’ The condition of the entry was I had to explain in 100 words why I thought I’d be a great stylist.

So I entered and won from over 3,000 entries nationally. I was so surprised when I received a phone call from Angela Stone herself saying that I had won her competition. The winner was to go on a fashion styling course with Angela Stone to the value of $4,000. The course was for three days and there were only two students (myself and Rachel Hunter’s buyer for her clothes line in The Warehouse). It was the most exciting and informative thing ever and with only two students we were able to get the most out of Angela Stone.

I went on this course in October and then Angela helped me start up my own business which was formed in December [2011].

What are three items that every girl needs in her wardrobe?

1) Cowboy Boots:  They’re versatile, can be worn all year round and will never go out of fashion.

2) Quality Jeans: It was so hard to find a pair that suited my body shape and I had to spend a bit to find them but I love my Calvin Klein Slim Fits.

3) A Stylish Blazer. I have a cool black and checkered 80’s Blazer which makes me feel so good when I wear it. I can dress it up or down and still feel great!

What is the most treasured item in your wardrobe?

The most treasured item in my wardrobe is my wedding dress. A really good friend  made it for me when I got married in Australia. I opted for a simple style and focused on my accessories. I remember putting it on.  It was close to 40 degrees celsius and it had 10+ layers of lining!

Beautiful Nora on her Wedding Day

Who is your favourite designer or fashion icon?

I idolise Daphne Guiness. She likes to make her own accessories and garments when she can’t find what she is after. She reminds me a lot of myself. I love her fashion sense, her creativity and just how she isn’t afraid of taking risks. She is the epitome of a fashionista to me.

How would you describe your sense of style?

I’m a cross between a creative and dramatic dresser. I’m a ‘Winter’ (in terms of what colours suit me) and I love wearing the big and bold [colours] as I know it accentuates my natural features. I love taking chances, mixing fabrics and textures that the ‘manual’ says I shouldnt. I love statement accessories and will always experiment with fashion until the very end.

Nora Swann

Kila’s Style is now nearing its 1 Year Anniversary.   Be sure to stay updated via Kila’s Style Facebook page.  Stop by, have a browse and grab a few style tips from the gorgeous Nora Swann.


Nora & I after her Fashion Show. Loved how everyone received a pretty Lei upon entrance.

Love & Laughter,
Curly Miri

Thursday Treats


September is the official start to Spring, my favourite season of the year with the most beautiful flowers in bloom.  While on a coffee date with my sister we spotted a Daffodil sale at a florist and grabbed a few bunches to arrange in my glass vases.  A great start to Spring!


Mister celebrated his “21st” birthday.  I think this is the 10th time he has celebrated his 21st birthday, ha!  Mister’s birthday lunch was at the lovely Atico Cocina.  In the evening we celebrated Mister’s birthday with a great group of friends.  We danced the night away and I had to mend his hangover the next day.  I am so glad Mister enjoyed his birthday, he brings so much joy to my life and it was good to see him having a great time.  Happy birthday, my love.

Mister enjoyed Dominican Seafood with Prawn, mussels, white fish, squid in a rich crayfish okra rice.
I had the Yucatan Tuna Pan Seared Citrus Infused Yucatan Style Tuna with rice pilaf and spicy salsa, a delicious treat. I also made club sandwiches and cheese and fruit platters for the evening celebrations.

An enjoyable night celebrating Mister’s birthday.


Delectable treats of the week.

Coffee date with my beautiful sister.

Dinner at Mexicali in Newmarket with a few of my favourite people. The Taco Salad-yum!

Spinach with hollaindaise sauce on a bed of sauteed mushrooms and hash browns at Coronation Restaurant & Cafe. The hollaindaise sauce just took me to another level-delightful.

Mister had creamy mushroom and bacon with ciabatta bread. I had a few bites too of course. A lovely balanced creaminess with crispy bits of bacon. At Coronation Restaurant & Cafe.

Caramel Brownie-moist and rich. The best brownie ever! You see how the lower part is missing? Mister decided to take a bite before I could snap a photo, lol.


Emerald Green Clutch with Gold detail.  A great buy as the Clutch was on sale and green is my favourite colour.  The gold detail reminds me of my Italian puzzle ring that my brother and his partner bought for me from Florence last year.


The most beautiful treat. My nephew Elijah. I love being an aunt. Just being in Elijah’s presence, giving him cuddles and seeing him smile makes me so happy. I am in the process of writing a children’s book in honour of Elijah.

My handsome nephew, Elijah. Our latest photo together, taken last night.  After reading the first two chapters of The Hunchback of Notre Dame he drifted off to sleep.

Love & laughter,
Curly Miri

Thursday Treats

Curly Miri, Livi, Kat & Marissa


Mission Bay, a must ‘go to’ in Auckland to dine or take a stroll along the beach on a sunny day.  My cousins and I checked out Lunna Rossa and devoured the delectable pizza.


Delightful & delicious treats of the week

I popped into Look Sharp and found these glass bottles, a $3 buy! I visited the local florist for a few stems of pretty white flowers. Glass bottle for a vase? Indeed!

Lovely dinner made by Mister, the best cook ever. Hoki fillet, steamed broccoli, and potato salad with a glass of Jacob’s Creek Riesling.

Coffee date with Mister at Hollywood Cafe.  Mocha’s with Apple Bran & Chocolate Chip muffins.  I’m always telling him to smile!  My handsome.

Mister snapping a pic of my ‘Mocha’ face

Mister enjoying his Samosa. His facial expressions always make me laugh.


As mentioned in this post I am going to be an aunt for the first time and my nephew is due next week!  The Baby Shower was fantastic.  Great food, fun games and baby was gifted with so many lovely treats.

This is the beautiful Becca standing next to the baby shelf gift made by Mister and I, filled with baby books, clothing, soft toys and various baby essentials. I had so much fun collecting all the lovely bits and pieces. Can’t wait to meet my nephew!

Baby Shower Gifts

Yummy Baby Shower treats.


I lost my laptop earlier this week.  I was upset as I had left my memory card and other valuables in my laptop bag.  Silly of me though, I left the laptop bag on the rooftop of the car while looking for my keys in my handbag, hopped into the car and drove away and did not realize what I had done until I reached my destination.  So many scenarios ran rampant through my mind.  Will it be in one piece if picked up by a stranger?  Will the stranger hand the laptop into the police?  I should have insured the laptop!  Why did I decide to rummage for my car keys in the dark and eat a Whittaker’s chocolate bar and not remove my laptop bag from the rooftop? Here is my status on FB regarding the lost laptop:

As you can see, my friends and family do not make fun of me at all (yeah right!).  Mister and I had a talk about material possessions and we came to the conclusion that some items offer a sense of comfort or normalcy to a person, however to strive for a happy life on the foundation of material objects is not a fulfilling concept of living.  Often we forget to stop and count our blessings or appreciate the people in our lives.  Take a moment to dwell within the love and beauty that surrounds you.  I had to agree when Mister said, “Miriama, it is just a laptop.” So I had to slap myself silly.

Now for the treat.  Mister bought me a new laptop.  Thank you my love.


I received a txt last week as follows: “”  My brother gifted me my very own domain name, definitely surprised me and made me smile.  Thank you!  Brother also advised I hop on the Twitter bandwagon, so if you’re on there connect with me @curlymiri
I would love to stay connected with you.

Here we are back in the innocent days of pink frilly dresses and toy cars.


Check out the Thursday Treats category for more treats.

Love & laughter,
Curly Miri

Thursday Treats

1.  Coffee date with a few of my favourite people.  Brother, aunt and cousins Kat & Ash at Pah Homestead.  A beautiful and serene location surrounded by art sculptures, lush green pastures and of course lovely coffee.

The gorgeous Kat with her adorable hat. Take a look at her blog, here.

The charming sights of Pah Homestead.

2.  Mister and I were invited to a business Hall of Fame Dinner, an annual cocktail function.  I felt honoured to be in the presence of four inspiring inductees.  The inductees shared stories of humble beginnings and overcoming trials that lead to their much deserved success.  Mister and I later discussed our own plans as we move forward to achieve success with our own company.  Mister’s drive and passion to succeed is inspirational and our partnership makes me feel so grateful.  The Hall of Fame Dinner was definitely an eye opener, allowing me to realize that despite the difficult obstacles that may arise, success is always attainable.

3.  Delightful treats of the week.

Passionfruit Banana Cake from Columbus & Lemon Tart from Lucky Cafe

Lunch with my lovelies at Spices Thai Restaurant. I had the Chicken Pad Thai. A lovely combination of thai noodles with just a hint of spice, great fresh flavours and accompanied by vegetable money bags-delightful!

Breakfast with Mister at The Cozy Cafeteria. I had the Vegetable Stack with Salad and Mister had the Big Breakfast.

4.  Growing up, our family had a German Shepherd named Bingo.  I do not have many memories of Bingo as not long after my parents brought him home, he was taken away by the pound to be put down as he attacked a child.  This is Roxc, we share a lot of memories that make me smile.  She belongs to my aunt and is so loved.  I swear she acts nothing like a dog, very human-like, in a scary but lovely kind of way.  Roxc is an absolute treat.  This is her posing for a photo that will be part of my Book Club.

5.  THANK YOU! I am in awe of the beautiful name suggestions for my baby nephew who will arrive within 3 weeks-exciting!  As seen here, the suggestions were amazing.  My favourite picks:  Roman, Sebastian and Damien.  I can’t wait to be an aunt for the first time. I will be attending the Baby Shower tomorrow, hopefully my brother and his Miss will have a name picked from your suggestions soon.  I have spent the last few weeks browsing and checking out  baby stores.  I have come to the conclusion that there seems to be more of a market for girls than boys and I would love to have some of the baby gadgets, toys and blankies for myself, ha!  It has been an absolute joy being on the hunt for baby stuff.

Here are a few of my favourite baby treats.

I was happy to check out Trade Aid, a non for profit organisation.  My goodness, they have beautiful toys, knit wear and crafts for children AND adults.  I love their wooden musical instruments and these:

Baby Alpaca Booties from Trade Aid

Vintage Jars-my favourite thing right now.  These beauties can be used to store baby puzzles, baby blocks or yummy treats as seen here.

To my future baby (whenever you decide to come), this is a glimpse of what your room will possibly look like.

Image: Source

Love & laughter,
Curly Miri