Thursday Treats

Isn’t he a beautiful sight?

Hanging out with Elijah always makes me smile

I enjoy being an aunt to my handsome nephew, Elijah.  Each moment is such a treat, hearing him laugh is so wonderful.

Delightful treats of the week:

Gorgeous home made cupcakes by Mariel’s Delights.  Passionfruit & Mint Chocolate were my favourite!

Lucky Cafe. Mister & I love to frequent this place. You have to visit and try a treat from their beautiful all day breakfast menu.

Mister ready to devour his Big Breakfast & my devine Blueberry pancakes. The Cozy Cafeteria.

My sister introduced me to these lovely Whoopie treats. Absolutely delicious!

My two favourite people.  Mister & Elijah.  Each day I wake up with a grateful heart and this is why.

My favourites.

Love & laughter,
Curly Miri