“You do fuck all,” he howled in rage and bitterness.

“What have you done in your life that is successful?”

As her heart ached with a melancholy so deep, she whispered “…love you.”


Curly Miri © 2014


12 thoughts on “Useless

    • That is the most achingly beautiful and innocent gesture I have encountered all year. I would cry with you and in our tears it would be like we’ve known each other forever. xxx

  1. Hi, I am a Roman whose thought comes in hasty floods; a European Italian chatter-box, in short, and a raider.

    So moving and heartbreaking.
    Yes, be fortis, sii forte, dear Curly Miri.

    Agreeing with ALL comments, I’ll mention:
    missyparticle (myself too, sitting in his den tho):
    “I’m sitting in a hotel lobby. I think I might break into tears.”

    Myra Denise: “That’s exactly how heartbreak is when you’ve given all you can. You feel … you’ve done ‘wrong’ … ‘right’ is love that person..”

    Miri: “I would cry with you and in our tears it would be like we’ve known each other forever”

    Well, same here, sweet young woman.

    [66 from Rome, Italy (two daughters, happily married (after 30-years-long misunderstandings, fights, deep pain from both sides, men having a heart too – they learn it with age – and not being able to live without a woman’s love – this applying since the fetus onwards, id est since our mother IS our Love Goddess, then replaced by our partner, forever and ever).


    Incidentally, and being much older, dear girl, here’s my archaic, two cents, take on this vital matter – the couple.

    Men and women ARE very different, hard-wired different, to the extent that since kindergarten onwards – one leitmotif of mine – one school subject should, in my view, be:
    ‘Male Homo Sapiens Sapiens’ for bambine (little girls) and ‘Female Homo Sapiens Sapiens’ for bambini (little boys).

    [Well, it is not wherever I’ve visited, I didn’t however visit the whole world, of course]

    As of now and here in the (European / non European etc.) West, I mean, to men no matter their culture women are all like Australia (whose map Evolution or God never gave us), while inversely to women we’re ALL are like Finland (whose map you don’t have either, an apparently much colder place, Finland, requiring special skills (like driving better any kind of vehicle, from horses to planes, with exceptions, of course ), bigger physical and nervous strength (with exceptions) in order to hunt and to protect our nest or hearth (ie the Woman, rhyming with heart not by chance I guess).
    This at a price, making us insensitive, tougher (also in the bad sense), more stupid, deaf to many things you care for (we don’t understand flowers, we like gifts less, anniversaries we always forget, we don’t see colours well and couldn’t care less about so many things you care so much, about; which makes us fatally irresistible to a Woman (and the Woman fatally irresistible to a Man: one likes what is different, we being – God be blessed – physically & psychologically different; which pains us both alas as well.

    Now I am asking myself: who commanded that? We get back to the school topic thing lol (my wife: “Basta with this nonsense! You are a maniac”. My blog is full of our quarrels that usually end well, although ours is a furious love, beyond any doubt. I slam the door one day, she does it the day after and we love each other more and more. Well, were are married since 35 years an our marriage is blooming despite all.

    As a side note as for strength, women are nevertheless stronger in many fields, have secret weapons (psychological powers etc. they figuring out much better non verbal communication than we do etc, we are dumb compared to them in many fields (my daughters when much smaller: “papà, why men are soo moronic?” not thinking I was a man or, much smarter than I deemed, asking that right for THAT reason gosh, to which I gave some embarrassed answer i forgot in any case which one).

    Also, why witches and, even better, Sibyls, were so damn important in Ancient Rome and Greece – just to mention something belonging to my world (my daughters – 30 & 26 plus wifey, at present: “Stop with history, will ya???” ) to the extent they governed the world of both men and women? That is to say: where to found a new town, whether to engage in war or not with this or that folk / city state – and so forth). Women live longer, a man wouldn’t survive birth pangs, not to mention child delivery, to which, when we assist our love’s partum, we get pale and drop dead (thud) on the floor – like a did twice bla bla.

    What to do then?

    Well, couple counselling, or, as a wisdom start, just finding 2 solid books (one for her, one for him) to help find our bearings within ‘the other’ universe (diverse, though delightful & most of all complementary: which makes a good couple best fit for survival: una molecola umana, much stronger that two single atoms)

    [I found this useful to me (my wife refused to read it 🙂 ) :
    Barry Durdant-Hollamby (a UK guy), The Male Agenda, 2001 (subtitle in the translated to Italian copy I’ve got: Tutto ciò che gli uomini non sanno di se stessi (e che le donne farebbero bene a coinoscere), that is ‘All that men don’t know about themselves (and that women should know), more or less]

    We never gave up, my wife and I, which saved us. We are starting to be really happy since 5 years. 30 years lost? No, pain, if it doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger (and the offspring of difficult loves too: see the ‘furious love’ tag on my blog: search / furious love)

    So please, sweet girl, be consoled. But most of all be patient and be strong. It is the woman – should you feel he’s the one for you – that prevents the couple from falling apart.

    Well, at first. Then he must collaborate or he’s either wimpish (wonder if Australia would love a wimp … mmm) or he doesn’t love you.

    A more difficult problem that may have a few solutions, that may fail though. Not the time and place here. This Rooman chatter box has talked event too much

    Giovanni (real name) aka Giorgio aka Massimo

    (or Man of Roma)

    • Giovanni, thank you! I love your nature, the type of person one could converse with for hours, lose track of time to be immersed in the depth of meaningful perspectives. I’ll take on board all that you have written, grateful for your presence. Hasty floods always welcome. 🙂

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