You Stole My Innocence

His lips touched mine; bitter, wet and stale.  The lingering scent of his body reminiscent of hovering flies gazing upon sweet lies.  He caressed my inner thigh and looked into my eyes unafraid and unmoved by my trembling fear.  I lay there motionless and naive, thinking of how much I wanted to hide in an abyss of comfort and love.

“This will make you feel good” he promised.  The first time a man I trusted offered me a promise, so broken and untrue.  “You will be okay” he pledged.  My eyes burned with sorrow, my heart etched with pain as his undesirable intrusion entered my innocence.

This must mean that every man that glances at me has preying eyes, and a broken promise to offer my damaged soul.  Is it true that my body is not a temple but rather a used shack for your pleasure?  Every time I see your smile it haunts me, your repulsive touch makes me want to run and hide from your meadow of treachery.  The tone of your disloyal voice makes me hate everything I am.

I trust no one because of you.  I will not ever know what it is to make love.  Because you raped me.

Curly Miri © 2013

*A piece inspired by a discussion with a female relative.  My heart goes out to every woman who has ever experienced such a frightening ordeal.  My hope is that you find comfort, love and peace.

Love & Laughter,
Curly Miri


15 thoughts on “You Stole My Innocence

  1. Curly this is so touching, we are so glad we saw this today. it’s so breathtaking, short and seductive. You have gift in creating the sensation and perception of alluring inviting seduction…thank you….for the inspriation

  2. even though it deals with such a topic which makes us all change our minds on who we are. The intrusion is so elegantly dealt with by your writing. Its a tribute to you….You created a place of safety to be able to read this….thanks for caring enough to do that

  3. You have turned it on its head, you are using the power of yourself to create the world which nurtures using words and imagination… teaches us of our freedom. Thank you for taking care for expending the energy on this. For yourself, has now become for us.Thank you for taking care of yourself using creativity

  4. Your words… the way you wrote this short exerpt, it’s so beautiful yet frightening. Those emotions you portray from the victim’s perspective is just so realistic. Thank you for posting this. God, I feel inspired.

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