Thursday Treats

Isn’t he a beautiful sight?

Hanging out with Elijah always makes me smile

I enjoy being an aunt to my handsome nephew, Elijah.  Each moment is such a treat, hearing him laugh is so wonderful.

Delightful treats of the week:

Gorgeous home made cupcakes by Mariel’s Delights.  Passionfruit & Mint Chocolate were my favourite!

Lucky Cafe. Mister & I love to frequent this place. You have to visit and try a treat from their beautiful all day breakfast menu.

Mister ready to devour his Big Breakfast & my devine Blueberry pancakes. The Cozy Cafeteria.

My sister introduced me to these lovely Whoopie treats. Absolutely delicious!

My two favourite people.  Mister & Elijah.  Each day I wake up with a grateful heart and this is why.

My favourites.

Love & laughter,
Curly Miri


17 thoughts on “Thursday Treats

  1. You make me hungry just looking at all these tasty treats. And I’m a sucker for any place that serves breakfast all day.

  2. Uggggghhhh!!! You are soo amazing! LOL

    This blog post made my heart smile soooo hard and your nephew is toooooo handsome! He should be a baby model seriously!!!

    Hey, Curly….Give him to me as a Christmas gift and I will return him back to you next year as a Christmas gift!!! Lol

    Thanks for your lovely blog that made me feel better this evening and congrats on your boutique!

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