Need A Baby Name

My brother and his Miss are due to have their baby in the month of August and are struggling to find a name for their baby boy.  Many have offered name suggestions such as Micah, Declan, Joshua-none of which they like.

Maybe you can help?

My brother’s name is Anthony, a Sagittarius with a caring, selfless and very bold nature. He has a passion for history and classics, especially regarding the culture of ancient Greece and Rome.  Anthony is loveable has a laugh that can be heard a mile away.

Rebecca is a Gemini and is of a strong, independent, protective and loving nature. She is a perfectionist and is one of the best cooks I know.  Rebecca has a passion for people and she is a lover of the finer things in life.

Hopefully this will somehow allow you to conjure up a few name suggestions.  I am all ears!


93 thoughts on “Need A Baby Name

  1. Maybe thelonius? I also like jackson. If I could, I would change my first name to jackson but its my last name so I would be jackson jackson. 😀

  2. Anthony… a liking for classics, Rebecca, a liking for the finer things in life… maybe baby boy could go with a name of the ‘greats’? Charles (Darwin), Albert (Einstein)… hope it helps!

  3. I took Latin and Caesar, Felix, and Marcus are all Roman names… I also know a kid named Roman who goes by the nickname Rome. But you know, more traditional Matthew or Evan are always good too 😛

  4. What fun seeking out the “perfect” name for a baby on the way! If I had a boy, I’d name him Adam. Short and simple. But I *really* like Sebastien, too!

  5. Adli is a male name of Hebrew origin and means “just, wise.” For whatever reason, I rather like the sound of Adli … although, perhaps, not all that common.

  6. Devin (french – divine or perfect) Theodore (greek – gift from God). Can’t tell I’m a google freak, can you, LOL. They could call him Dev or Ted or perhaps make it Theodore Devin.

    • Theodore Devin-love that! Devin is a lovely name. Hey, nothin’ wrong with being a google freak, I’m one too, lol. Thank you for your lovely suggestions.

      • You’re quite welcome 🙂 As far as being a google freak, I’ve always said that it doesn’t matter what you know, it matters more if you know where to find it.

  7. Hi Curly 🙂 That’s a lot of suggestions there! I will add mine … I like Nicholas, Jackson, Malcom, Zackary (spelled like that), Roman, and of course Spencer 😉 Have fun with the baby-name picking and Congratulations on becoming an auntie soon!!!

    • Hi doll, love your suggestions! I remember an extremely handsome guy on exchange at my university named Spencer, lol. I like Spencer, Nicholas and Roman. Can’t wait to be an aunt! 🙂

  8. I am a bit biased but my brothers name is Werner which I love and you do not meet many! I also am partial to Fredrik as it is my husbands name and my father in law is Christer, both traditional Swedish names which are good strong and classic!
    One name I love but would never get my husband to agree on is Axel!

    • So true, don’t know any Werner’s at all and it is a lovely name! Axel is adventurous! I like the sound of Fredrik and Christer, thank you for your suggestions 🙂

  9. Hi we named our son Jonah, he is now 11 and hasn’t meet any other boys with the same name yet. We like it because it is such a unique name with out being too different. Congratulations to you and your family.

  10. I put this on my facebook last night and today, this is what was suggested by some of my friends …. 1) Seth 2) Richard 3) Jason 4) Ryan 5) Matthew 6) Dane 7) Kaid 8) Sage 9) Kane – I hope these names help some 😉

  11. Curly – I forgot to add 2 of my fav names, other than what I already posted …. Lincoln & Maximus (I think Maximus is a good one since your brother has such a love of Greece)

    • Beautiful and strong names. I surely hope my brother and his Miss decide soon! I am sure with all the lovely suggestions there is no reason to not have a name picked for my nephew soon. 🙂

      • I’m totally rooting for Roman, Maximus or Spencer 😉 I’m so happy for your being an aunt … You will LOVE every second of it so much xo

  12. I suggest Talon. It is strong, pointed, but not the over arching I am a bad ass, yet no one want to mess with them. and friends and family could call him Tal, or Tally, which also means hecounts.

      • I know some people don’t like this, but I think Isaiah is cute too.. I don’t know, I like stuff that’s different. So many kids have the same names anymore. I also love Aaron and Benjamin.

    • Yes indeed…however, Joshua’s faith in God made the sun stand still, and Adonai did it! Praise the Lord! What an awesome God we serve! I love BIblical names. Another one that is cute is Gabe, Christian, Zach. Another interesting point is that Joshua (Jeshua) actually is the same name as Jesus in the Hebrew form.

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  14. I like Evan – easy to spell, no question it’s a boy’s name. Also Andrew, which means manly. I like names that others will have no trouble spelling or pronouncing. Nothing worse than having a birthday party with your friends as a young kid – and having your name always spelled incorrectly on the birthday card.. Also, imagine sitting in class and having the teacher mispronounce it because it is either difficult, or some weird spelling. I often don’t think people realize kids have to live with odd names or strange spellings their whole lives. Who wants to grow up and as a man explain to coworkers that your parents thought it “cute” to spell your name “Jaysin” instead of “Jason”, or that his parents thought Horace was an interesting name or that he was conceived in Bonaire and so his parents thought it should be his name. Just my thoughts.

  15. Meadow or Summer for a girl. I named my boys Nathan and Daniel after amazing men in the family and in the Bible.

  16. So many great names to choose from, I really like the name Memphis for a boy. Memphis used to be the formal capital of Egypt sometime in 3000 BC. It means beautiful and established. Every Memphis I know is indeed beautifully handsome! I also like the name River. Hope your brother doesn’t get too overwhelmed, August is near approaching…

  17. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I appreciate it. My daughter and her husband named their twin boys after the grandfathers on their respective sides of the family. They also looked at all the last names because some were interesting and appropriate for first names, too. Their twins’ names are Conlin (great grandfather on his side) and August (great grandfather on her side). Now they’re looking for a name for their new baby girl who will be arriving in November. Perhaps have a look at your family tree or some good names? Thanks again for checking out my blog. Yours is beautiful. It’s very serene and relaxing!

  18. What about Leonidas, or Leo for short. He was the greek King of Sparta, much renowned for his strong leadership. Leo also sounds quite cool!

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  20. Baby names can be a tricky thing. Usually thought of or preferred by the mother but solidified by the father. It has to be agreed upon by both & that’s the difficult part.
    My son was also born in August. If it’s later in the month the baby will be a Virgo. Usually very stern, logical, & organized people.
    I don’t know if this will be of much help for the reasons I listed above..but the following are just some of the names I’ve always liked:
    Luke and/or Lucas
    Marco or Marcus
    Hope that helps a little! 🙂

  21. Two that I like are Isaac and Chester – all good things to you and the family for his arrival, how wonderful… 🙂


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