Thursday Treats

1.  Mister and I decided to take a winter stroll along the beach-beautiful and serene.

2.  We checked out Cozy Cafeteria.  A small and inviting cafe nestled in the heart of Onehunga.  Mister had the Big Breakfast and of course I had to try their Eggs Benedict.  The presentation of our meals was great. My breakfast had a hash brown and salmon in the mix, however to my surprise no hollandaise sauce which is what I have always considered to be integral in elevating the Eggs Benedict experience.  Eggs Benedict is just not complete without hollandaise sauce.   Overall, it was a lovely treat. We ordered Mocha’s to go and we were given two complimentary Jaffas, a cute touch.

Mister about to dig into his Big Breakfast.

My Eggs Benedict with Salmon & Hash Brown.

Mochas and Jaffas to go.


I enjoyed brunch with mum on Saturday at Columbus.  We discussed this blog.  I told her about the posts I published and she had many questions about Infidelity On Your Doorstep.

Mum enjoyed a bagel with salmon and avocado. I had the creamy chicken pasta.

4.  Mister and I enjoyed a long drive along the Pacific Coast Highway-beautiful scenery.

5.  With freedom, books, flowers and the moon.  Who could not be happy? -Oscar Wilde

Check out the “Thursday Treats” category for more weekly treats. 

Love & laughter,
Curly Miri


27 thoughts on “Thursday Treats

  1. lovely pictures and now I am hungry for a midnight snack… and a mocha. Your profile pic made me smile.. i don’t know why but it just did. Thanks for stopping in at my blog..

  2. Salmon and avocado bagel: perfection!! Besides, I love taking pictures of what I’ll eat, too!! 🙂 I am loving your blog, and your hair haha.

    • LOL! It’s funny when I go out with Mister and I have to pull out my camera to take the pics. I’m always wondering if people are like “umm, why is she taking photos of the food” haha. Thank you! Love your blog too.

  3. “however to my surprise no hollandaise sauce which is what I have always considered to be integral in elevating the Eggs Benedict experience. ” This a truly magnificent sentence. Kudos.

  4. Oh, Eggs Benedict. MMMmmm…. There’s a little cafe here in Anchorage called Terra Bella and The Wookie and I stopped there one morning before rock climbing. I wanted something substantial but not too “heavy” and I tried their Eggs Beatrix…. I…. am… in… love. Poached egg, sautéed spinach, fresh sliced tomato, on toasted french bread and covered with their homemade hollandaise sauce. Oh, it was AMAZING.

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